Mina Brasserie @ Four Seasons

Mina Brasserie – is a modern, bustling brasserie for lunch and dinner, serving a selection of hearty dishes, in partnership with award-winning celebrity Chef Michael Mina. Mina Brasserie is located at Four Seasons Dubai International Financial Centre.

Mina Brasserie now is a welcoming fun and dynamic space for both private diners and larger groups to graze on delicious sharing plates. The outdoor terrace is alive with lounge seating, lush green trees and the gleaming golden bar of MINA Brasserie features a collection of classics, with an emphasis on traditional aperitifs and hard to find spirits from around the world.

Tricon were appointed by H+H Investment Development Ltd to provide foodservice design expertise in respect to the new Mina Brasserie and specifically the kitchen and bars. Tricon were employed as part of the project design team to refurbish and develop the prior facilities into the Mina Brasserie under the culinary and concept direction of Michael Mina.

An external terrace was a significant addition to the previous operation and the beverage dispensing and bar facilities were pivotal to the new Mina Brasserie. Tricon Dubai had to develop a visually and aesthetically pleasing look to the external bar facilities yet the materials used needed to be weather resistant and fit for purpose. The kitchen refurbishment required Tricon to use all their creative skills utilizing previously defined electrical, mechanical and plumbing resources yet providing kitchen facilities and services to deliver the new Mina Brasserie concept,

Chef Michael Mina and his team of tastemakers are driven by passion, innovation and the commitment to creating phenomenal food. It was Michael’s expectation as a Michelin starred and award-winning chef to not compromise on the finishes and defined equipment requirements. In this connection Tricon excelled in their design delivery and closely supervised the fit-out of the feature show kitchen. The restaurant closure for refurbishment had to be shut for a limited time as the area was a key dining asset of the hotel. Whilst challenges were faced ultimately the restaurant was opened on time with minimal revenue lost due to refurbishment.