Open Arms - The University Arms Cambridge & Parker's Tavern

Cambridge’s most historic and iconic hotel, The University Arms Hotel, underwent a 2-year, £80m refurbishment to meet the client’s wish to create a hotel that matched the city’s heart and style.

In order to achieve this, they enlisted the services of John Simpson Architects, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and Tricon. This design team, full of industry leaders, were able to deliver a fresh and innovative design that exceeded the client’s expectations.

As part of the refurbishment a ‘destination’ restaurant & bar was introduced to the hotel. The restaurant “Parker’s Tavern” run by renowned chef Tristan Welch, is open to both guests and the public.

Tricon worked closely with Tristan to ensure that the design mirrored the intended concept and the restaurant’s functionality. In addition to the destination restaurant, Tricon designed the bar, that would not only support the restaurant and its guests but also any functions that may be held in hotel.