Management Consultancy Success Stories

After 36 years of working on many of the most challenging and iconic projects across the EMEA Region, we certainly have some stories to talk about.

Tricon Foodservice Consultants is known well for delivering great designs for food and beverage operations, though before the first line is drawn, a clear F&B strategy and business case needs to be developed, to provide a clear direction for the whole professional design team. This is where the story begins and is often the most challenging stage for our management consultant team.

Tricon’s management consultancy projects cover all 9 sectors we work across and these have been completed in 34 different countries. Our consultants have accumulated a plethora of knowledge, from understanding the idiosyncrasies of local cultural practices, to a detailed mastery of local legislation that will impact on clients’ food and beverage operations. The fascination within Tricon is the sheer diversity of projects we work on, from the initial building of the F&B business case to supporting a new development, optimising ROI, identifying the right strategic solution through to maximising the use of the real estate in what can be very expensive floor plates in major city centres. In many cases, Tricon is developing the strategic thinking that is shaping the future of F&B delivery.

We have a detailed knowledge of many of the key operators that work in these countries, having worked with them from developing new food and beverage concepts through to the work we do on operational audits and tendering of catering contracts. We bring this accumulation of knowledge to clients’ projects though each one throws up new challenges, to which we must find innovative solutions.

When you next need consultancy support on your foodservice project, contact us so we can hopefully add a new chapter.

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