Global Kitchen Design Manual for Leading Hotel Chain

Tricon was instructed by Accor to develop two documents; firstly, a guidance document outlining how Accor are evolving & improving HACCP & kitchen and laundry design standards in response to Covid-19 and future viral/bacterial developments, and secondly to update their current global kitchen & laundry design guidelines for their luxury brands.

The purpose of the guidance document was to outline key actions that Accor would be re-enforcing into their food & laundry safety management systems in response to future viral/bacterial developments to inform their marketing collateral and earn the continued trust from their loyal guests. The actions were based on four key Critical Control Points pertinent to eliminating contamination within kitchen & laundry areas. These are:

  • To prevent the contamination of kitchen & laundry spaces via people and goods entering into the area.
  • To prevent the contamination of the kitchen & laundry by hotel guests, for example via dirty serviceware.
  • To prevent cross contamination within the kitchen & laundry by contaminated personnel.
  • To eliminate any potential for the cross-contamination of food, beverages, serviceware and linen through contact with contaminated surfaces, either directly or through touch, via kitchen & laundry personnel.

The purpose of the addendum was to provide new and enhanced standards as well as the re-enforcement of existing standards and was written following the completion of an extensive review of their current back of house F&B management policies, practises and procedures. The objective for the addendum document was for it to sit alongside the existing kitchen design brand standards manual and reflect recommended best international HACCP design practices. The standards revolved around Personal Hygiene, Air & Surface Sanitising, UV Extraction and Ventilation, Electrolysed/Sao Water Systems, Temperature Monitoring Systems, Mitigating Touch and recommendations for floor, wall & ceiling finishes and equipment flexibility.

Additionally, the addendum provides owners and developers’ base build design teams with updated strategic planning information to help inform their preliminary block planning and infrastructure design prior to the appointment of a kitchen consultant. The documents is intended to help underpin best practice planning standards and avoid intensive input by the Accor technical services team when reviewing initial blocking architectural plans and ensure the F&B team have the required space to then develop the designs for all F&B/laundry spaces. This document sets out the design criteria for hotel kitchen and foodservice facilities that are to be applied to all new construction and major renovation hotel projects for all Luxe brands hotels of the Accor Hotels group in all countries.