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The collection comprises of 25 galleries and is best known for its eighteenth-century French paintings. Tricon advised on the original development of foodservice within Hertford House, conducting the feasibility study. We followed through with kitchen design and tendering the catering contract.

If the goal is to strategically engage with the workforce to create a healthy environment, how does one invest wisely in foodservice?

Coldicott explained that there are key influencers that affect foodservice strategies, such as geographic location in relation to competition, personnel demographics, average dwell time, style of service, and schedule. Will the foodservice venue function during business hours, perhaps, as an all-day business lounge, or is it more like a restaurant’s lunch shift, with a two-hour, mid-day window?

Such practical concerns need to be addressed early in the process and fully integrated into the design, as the layout and feel of the area can have a huge effect on the success of the venture. For example, the style of seating should correspond with cultural habits and social norms. Similarly, smart technology, such as applications that permit a user to peruse the menu and order in advance, can enhance the overall efficiency of the operation and reduce wait times and stress.

If you can provide great dining spaces that also support agile working, your return on investment will be measurable. In addition to the convenience, collaborative spaces that also offer high quality, healthy food can improve employees’ productivity; such amenities encourage people to remain on site and fully engaged with their work. Significantly, foodservice on premises enables employees to enjoy a much deserved break, when it’s time to recharge after a long period of working.

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